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Timothy Sykes is a well known penny stock day trader. He is completely self-taught and a self-made millionaire from penny stock trading.

He grew famous for turning his $12,000 bar mitzvah money into 1.65 million dollars while day trading in between classes at college. You can take advantage of Tim’s skills by signing up with

Timothy’s History

During high school Tim received $12,415 in bar mitzvah money and began trading penny stocks at the age of 18. He turned that initial investment into over $1.65 million dollars in less than 3 years.

He was infamous for skipping college classes to make stock trades and eventually turned his love penny stocks into a career.


Timothy Sykes can teach you all of the secrets he’s learned from over 10 years of trading experience.

In 2008 Tim decided to recreate his original success by starting with $12,415 a second time. In two years he turned that into over $90,000 and was the number one trade on covestor. Review

Tim is a member of is know as the industry leading training website for newcomers to penny stocks.

Of all of the teachers, Tim is currently the most profitable. I place a lot of value on actual real-world experience.

I never thought it was a good idea to learn something like trading penny stock’s from someone who has never done it themselves, so the fact that Tim is the most profitable of all of the teachers tells me that he has the experience that can really teach you something.

What Tim’s Service Provides…

  1. Over 700 industry Leading Training Videos
  2. SMS and Email Stock Pick Alerts
  3. Additional Watch Lists Full of Possible Trades
  4. Private Chat Rooms Full of Help & Advice

Timothy Sykes currently has thousands of students across the world. His students have gone on to make millions of dollars by following Tim’s skillful advice.

My Experience

I first learned about Timothy Sykes when I saw his TV Program ‘Wall Street Warriors.’

I joined initially for the training video’s. When I first joined there were only 500 videos but Tim adds at least one video a week so the collection has grown considerably. These are absolutely the most valuable resource that any penny stock trader could hope to have in their collection.

The video’s pay for themselves the minute you start using the information Tim gives you.

Real Time Alerts & Watchlists

Profitly Members Area

An Exclusive members Area Awaits Your With

Unlike Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead which just provides a one-day-a-week service, gives you an entire membership area with tools for you to use.

You already know about the training video’s but you also get a variety of ‘trade alerts’ that have turned out to be pretty profitable stocks for me. They are broken into two main parts which are:

  • Watch Lists
  • Real-Time Trade Alerts

The watch lists can be used whenever you have time to watch how certain stocks are moving. In order to make the most from the real-time alerts you need to have one of two things:

  • Regular Internet Access
  • A Smartphone With Internet Access

In my case, I used my Android smartphone and was able to make profitable plays without a problem.

Two Types of Trade Alerts

timothy sykes with profit.lyThe Watch List is a running set of stocks that may run and should be looked at regularly. I’ve picked more than one solid play off this list and it shouldn’t be ignored. That having been said I thought the real-time alerts were much more useful.

With the real-time alerts you get notified of stocks that are showing the right conditions to be an immediately profitable play. These are what have made up the majority of my earnings in recent years.

The typical gain on stock from the real-time alerts has been 15-80% over 2 years and have made me thousands in the process.

Who Is Best For? is best for several different types of people.

  • If you are new and want the best education –’s For You
  • If you aren’t new but aren’t profitable trading penny stocks –’s For You
  • If you are looking for real-time stock alerts –’s For You
  • If you are looking for stocks to watch before deciding which to buy –’s For You

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